WANTED: Home growers and food makers for new Sandgate Growers Market

There’s a buzz in the air! There is a new growers market starting in Sandgate and we need you to help us with providing fresh, home grown produce and products!

Why a new market in Sandgate?

Sandbag, the Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group, recently opened a new business, The Garden Gate Nursery and Café. The Nursery and Café provides a more sustainable income to support the operations of the Community Centre, in order to provide more services to the marginalised people in the community. The market is an expansion of this income generation for the Centre.

Where is the market: Sandbag, 153 Rainbow St, Sandgate

Time and day of the market: a weekly Thursday night twilight market, from 4pm to 7.30pm

Start date: We aim to start the market 28th May 2015.

Type of market: It is a food chain only market – so no artisans and craft people

Focus of the market stall holders: provide an opportunity to urban growers and producers generate a small income for themselves and provide fresh, healthy, home grown and made food to the wider community. We prefer the growers to be authentically chemical free and/or organically grown in their growing methods.

Commitment by stall holders: most urban growers and producers will most likely not be able to commit weekly, so until we get established, we are encouraging as many urban growers and producers to come as often as they are able. Shared stalls are definitely an option to make it more viable and easier for home growers and producers.

Stall holder fees: Initial trial phase of 12 weeks is $20 each week. After that, increase it to $30, for a 3m by 3m stall.

Type of stalls available at the markets: Anything growers grow or producers make - heirloom varieties, indigenous fruits and berries, herbs, bread, pastries, cakes , slices, biscuits, honey, healthy snacks, eggs, fermented drinks, teas, delicatessen items, jam, chutney, dips, edible flowers, meat, seafood, herb and spice mixes, cheese, dairy …. to name a few! No plants, seedlings, compost and organic fertilisers as the Nursery sell these.

Vibe: Great live music by local musicians, kid’s board and card games, vibrant atmosphere, family friendly. Healthy food trucks will be there and multicultural groups will be making and selling meals from the commercial kitchen.


Does this grab you?: Contact Market Coordinator as soon as possible to be a part of this wonderful local initiative – Louise Hensby, on 3869 3662, 0402 564 206 or louisehensby@gmail.com