Phil Ryan's Recommended Gardening Book List

Phil Ryan, a long time member of BOGI, has compiled a list of recommended books which gardeners are encouraged to read:

  1. Queensland Planting Guide - complied by members of BOGI
  2. Organic Gardening - Peter Bennett
  3. Organic Vegetable Gardening - Annette McFarlane
  4. Any Book by Jackie French
  5. Successful Gardening In Warm Climates - Annette McFarlane
  6. Asian Herbs and Vegetables - Penny Woodward
  7. Organic Guide to Composting - Jack Allen
  8. The Permaculture Home Garden - Linda Woodrow
  9. How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life - Isabel Shipard
  10. Eat Your Garden - Leonie Shanahan