Organic Xtra

Organic Xtra is a premium organic fertilizer, certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia. It is a blend of composed poultry manure, blood & bone, feather and fish meal, natural minerals, seaweed and Sulphate of Potash.

It is designed to provide a balanced release of nutrients and trace elements. It has some nutrients in a water soluble form that releases quickly, while the remainder is in an organic, slow release form which will continue feeding the plants for up to 3 months.. Organic Xtra is a general purpose fertilizer, suitable for most plants in the garden. It is excellent for vegetables, fruit trees, roses, palms, flowering plants, shrubs, vines, and even natives.

This breakthrough blend contains scientifically balanced ratios of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and at least 13 essential trace elements (as verified in independent tests by Food and Agricultural Laboratories of Australia).

Because Organic Xtra is naturally composted, it delivers a slow release of essential nutrients and trace elements, without the risk of burning – even when applied at 133 times the recommended application rate!

You can also be safe in the knowledge that Organic Xtra is tested every year for harmful chemical residues by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). No harmful residues have ever been detected. And, because Organic Xtra improves the health of the soil, your garden will be teeming with fat, healthy worms and will have literally billions of beneficial micro-organisms in just a few weeks.

You can also use this excellent fertiliser as a liquid boost for your garden. Simply drop a small handful of Organic Xtra into a bucket of water and leave for a few days until the pellets break down. Stir the mixture to re-suspend any remaining solids and water onto your plants.