Online Forum

The bogioz Yahoo group ( is the online forum for the BOGI club. This group is only open to BOGI Members. Once you join the group, you can receive emails posted by members of the group, or post some yourself. This email group is a great way to ask the BOGI membership questions, as opposed to waiting for the next monthly get together. The history of all posts to the group can be accessed, as well as any files or photos stored within the group.


How to Join bogioz

These instructions assume that a person is not currently logged into Yahoo.

  1. Using a web brower go to the web page
  2. Click on the "Join This Group!" button.
  3. Either log with your Yahoo! ID, or, if you are not already a Yahoo user, sign up for a Yahoo! ID.
  4. Provide your full name and Yahoo! ID in the request to join the group.
  5. The "bogioz" Moderator will receive this request, check your name on the BOGI membership List, and send an email advising your acceptance.
  6. Access the web page to start using the group.


Posting Messages

Messages can be posted to the group via the following methods: