Welcome to the Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. (BOGI) website where you can find details about the club, including how to JOIN the club. There is also information about organic gardening including content tailored to the Brisbane, Queensland area.

Our general meetings are held at the Peace Hall in Windsor on the first Thursday of every month except Janurary.


Phil Ryan's Recommended Gardening Book List

Phil Ryan, a long time member of BOGI, has compiled a list of recommended books which gardeners are encouraged to read:

AOGC - Hawk Lane Organic Gardens (Pomona) - 16 & 17 April 2011

“The gardens were set up with the vision of creating an abundant food forest together with a strong focus on habitat creation, especially for native birds and frogs. When we moved to this land in 2002 it was 95% clear land except for the house, large dam and large Eucalyptus trees. We immediately commenced working on the gardens.” Sean Morrow 2011.


Our Guest Speaker for April will be Alf Orpen talking on WHY conventional agriculture cannot continue (the science not the belief). WHAT is polyculture farming (increasing food production ten fold without degrading the soil). HOW to make it happen nationwide (participation).

Alf Orpen is an accomplished entrepreneur activist, an ethical investor, designer and developer of regenerative enterprises. He is a public speaker and educator who has engaged MBA students, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and civil servants the world over.

How you can help at the BOGI Garden Flood Recovery Day

. We will need those jiffy pots some of you got at the February meeting with whatever you planted in them
. Any plants or established cuttings you dont need planted into appropriate pots
. Potted plants (vegetables, herbs, flowers, shrubs etc.)
. Sweet potato runners, strawberry runners, ginger & turmeric rhizomes etc.
. Garden tools
. Gardening books

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