Welcome to the Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. (BOGI) website where you can find details about the club, including how to JOIN the club. There is also information about organic gardening including content tailored to the Brisbane, Queensland area.

Our general meetings are held at the Peace Hall in Windsor on the first Thursday of every month except Janurary.



Our July guest speaker will be Dick Copeman. Dick was a co-founder of Northey Street City Farm in 1994. Since 1994, Dick has taken on many roles at the farm and more recently he was behind the construction of some large wicking beds. Tonight Dick will share the knowledge he gained when building the wicking beds.


Our guest speaker Melinda Laidlaw will speak on The importance of early detection in reducing the impact of environmental weeds. A significant time lag can exist between the initial naturalization of a non-native species and its expansion to become an environmental weed. Detection of the weed in these early phases of expansion via active surveillance can make the difference between achieving eradication or instead, inheriting an ongoing, costly and time consuming management issue.

2015 BOGI Fair

The 2015 BOGI Fair will be held at the Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road Windsor (near the Albion railway station), on Sunday the 30th of August from 9am to 3pm. It is the 29th Brisbane Organic Growers Fair. This year, the fair has changed from October to August due to other major garden events organised for the month of October.

Check out the 2015 fair flyer, and the stallholders list and map are available below. We hope to see you at the fair!


This is the meeting when you will have an opportunity to express your gratitude for the effort members of the BOGI Executive, Committee and Office Bearers have contributed to ‘Your’ club to keep it running smoothly while satisfying the requirements of as many members as possible using organic methods to grow our plants.

We do not hassle or put pressure on any member to take on any role in our club as volunteers are usually easy to find when required.

Following the AGM we will have SOIL – BACK TO BASICS

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