This is the meeting when you will have an opportunity to express your gratitude for the effort members of the BOGI Executive, Committee and Office Bearers have contributed to ‘Your’ club to keep it running smoothly while satisfying the requirements of as many members as possible using organic methods to grow our plants.

We do not hassle or put pressure on any member to take on any role in our club as volunteers are usually easy to find when required.

Following the AGM we will have SOIL – BACK TO BASICS

The May meeting will be a demonstration and discussion of soil basics led by Bruce Ham. Please bring a one litre soil sample for testing and discussion. Simple tests include acidity (pH), texture, composition and moisture. You might also do a compaction test and bring in results for discussion. Simply push a 1cm steel bar into your soil and measure the depth. We will compare results.

Bruce will also discuss the effects of geology and geography on garden soils and how this information combines with plant selection to determine which BOGI Shop product and mulching choices are best for your current needs.

Members who wish to make a 5 minute presentation on their soil and related issues are invited to nominate by sending an email to