Local Food

While we would all like to be able grow as much of our own food as possible, there are times when it is simply not possible. So the next best thing is to source locally produced food, preferably organic. The listing below provides a starting point for sourcing some local produce:

  • Food Connect
    addock to plate summarises what Food Connect is all about. Their aim is to supply local, sustainably produced food to the community in South East Queensland.
  • Grow Local
    Grow Local is an initiative of Queensland Conservation focusing on the Southeast Queensland region which aims to promote population health, meet consumer demand for fresh locally-produced environmentally-sustainable food, protect environmental health, improve food security, and establish the region as a leader in local food production and consumption.
  • Northey Street City Farm Sunday Organic Markets
    The place to be on a Sunday morning for regional organic produce. Markets every  Sunday 6.00 am - 11.00 am - Certified Organic Fresh Fruit and Veg.