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Membership to BOGI is open to all people who:

  • Promote and believe in the principle of organic growing;
  • Have the desire to enjoy pure healthy foods grown naturally and free from artificial additives;
  • Would like to produce these in their garden;
  • Care about the environment to prevent its further degradation;
  • Try to minimise waste through reduction, re-use, and recycling;
  • Enjoy a simple sustainable lifestyle and appreciate the value of cottage crafts and the joys of doing it yourself; and
  • Want to learn more about organic gardening and tap the wide range of knowledge from within the group.


Membership Pricing

  • Annual with renewals falling due at the 31st December each year.
    $20.00 Single and $30.00 Family or Household (2 adults at same address).
  • Pro-rata rates apply each quarter (a reduction of $5 for a Single membership and $7.50 for a Family/Household membership per quarter).


How to Join

You can join our organisation in a number of ways:

  • Come along to the next Monthly Meeting.
  • Complete and post the Membership/Renewal Application (Microsoft Word format or Adobe PDF format).
    To view the PDF file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer - if necessary you can download this software from
  • Phone: 07 3357 3171