The speaker for our September meeting will be Des Warnock. With a passion for health, Des was introduced to sustainable growing approximately fifteen years ago and holds a certificate in sustainable agriculture. He has been promoting and educating the topic of regenerative soil nutrition ever since and provides real solutions and action strategies for many types of growers.

Des frequently lectures, consults and supplies eco friendly products in Australia, Japan, India & Korea. Des works with industry leaders wanting solutions for long term growing, including schools, councils, landscapers, AFL, organic farmers and production nurseries.

Des frequently trains nursery staff, growers and landscapers on all aspects of regenerative soil nutrition, lectures at TAFE colleges and various industry events as well as writing articles and papers on aspects related to the topic.

Des won an AFL Under 16s premiership in 1977.

Des’s presentation is titled:

                                      Why Do Some Gardeners Have Green Thumbs & Some Brown?
                                                                  Five facets of healthy soils!

My soil is really poor. What do I do about it?
Why do my plants die just after I plant them?
Why does my fertiliser stop working after using it a few times?
How come my plants keep getting discoloration and deformities?
Why do the grubs get my tomatoes before I do?
How do I stop getting black spot on my roses?
These questions and more will be answered at the meeting.