This is the meeting when you will have an opportunity to express your gratitude for the effort members of the BOGI Executive, Committee and Office Bearers have contributed to ‘Your’ club to keep it running smoothly while satisfying the requirements of as many members as possible using organic methods to grow our plants.

We do not hassle or put pressure on any member to take on any role in our club as volunteers are usually easy to find when required.

Nominations received for the 2017 AGM at the closure of submissions for the May newsletter were as follows:-
President:           Bruce Ham
Vice President: Ros Wafer
Secretary:           Brian Widdon
Treasurer:          Jody Wall
Committee:        Sue Akeroyd, Lou James, Penny Ossowski, Adrian Vos
We still require nominations for two committee members.

At the commencement of the meeting, you will be required to vote for the 'best' Compost. Your 2 litre ice cream container of your best compost must be received by 7.20 pm, No Entry Fee - One Entry per person, full details page 22.
               and following the formalities of the AGM
we will have 2017 Snapshot. Send in that special Snapshot from your garden and take centre stage to tell us all about it, full details page 4.
Please help make this meeting a success by being part of these two activities.