Alternative/Edible Spinaches/Leafy Greens

Taking into account our weather is hot and often humid for the greater part of the year, the concept that edible leaves are limited to lettuce, spinach, cabbage, mint and parsley needs to be revisited. At the March meeting we encourage you to be an active participant by sharing with us the leafy alternatives that work for you!

Register your intention to give a brief presentation on any particular edible leaf with Bruce ( or 0435 916 577) in the lead up to the meeting. If time allows, we will also take further presenters from the floor on the night. We need you to tell us how to grow and use your plants and to show us what the plant looks like and tell us how to obtain it.  Some suggested examples include:
•   Various spinaches (Brazilian, Ceylon, Okinawa, Malabar etc.)
•   Edible weeds (chick weed, purslane, dandelion, sorrel, ducks foot)
•   Shrubs and trees (Ibeka, moringa, curry leaf, Toona sinensis, rosellas, cranberry rosellas, cassava and chaya)

Everyone bring along:
•   sample leaves for sighting and tasting
•   cuttings/seeds to share
•   potted plants for the raffle table or to give away/sell
•   something for the supper table made with your leafy greens

-> -> -> Help make this meeting successful for all of us!!! <- <- <-