Our June speaker is a new member to the BOGI Committee, Convenor of the 2018 BOGI Café, Thomas Wagner.

Acid – Alkaline, everything we are consuming – digesting belongs to either the acid or alkaline group. Being too acidic can cause health issues, being alkaline allows the body to get well again and/or staying healthy.

In this presentation Thomas will share how we all can easily influence our daily choices to stay on a path of wellness and well – being.

For us at BOGI we have the advantage of growing food that helps us stay healthy from our own backyard.

"I have worked as a chef for most of my working life, now being self employed, selling healthy food to the public. More and more, I am interested in how food can help us heal again, providing the conditions are correct. Recently with the help of our three chooks, we are ”trying to grow a little food“ in our small garden.

Happy to share, Thomas is keen to do just that at the June meeting.