For the July meeting at BOGI, Kath Evans will be sharing her experience with black soldier flies! Prior to joining BOGI 3 years ago, Kath said she had no idea how to grow anything and definitely no concept at all about soil biology or compost.

Since then, armed with BOGI knowledge, Kath has transformed her small 1 acre hobby farm using organic methods. She has restored 'dead' compacted ground - where weeds had persisted for years - into lush, drought-hardy horse pasture. Kath has also been delighted to be able to finally hone her compost-making skills - using a variety of organic matter and methods.

In the vermiculture (i.e. using worms) method of composting, Kath noticed that there were many more 'creatures' inhabiting her worm farm. She was inspired in part by her chooks to investigate!! That's when Kath discovered 'black soldier flies (BSF)' and learnt how useful they are - not only in the compost bin to break down scraps fast, but also as a food for chickens... and even fish. But there are even more benefits to be had by 'nurturing' these amazing little creatures. So come along to the July BOGI meeting and find out all about how to get on the BSF bandwagon!!