Our guest speaker will be BOGI member Jason Spotswood. Jason’s topic  is ‘Planning, preparing, and nurturing a successful garden’.

When planning to start a garden or an orchard, gardeners are often having to contend with less than ideal conditions. In fact, sometimes they can be downright terrible. I know that all too well with my little slice of heaven located in the Samsonvale valley. While the area is blessed with a decomposed granite sub-soil, as a result of several heavy earthwork projects prior to the property being purchased, what was sub-soil turned into the poor quality top soil for many locations.

This is the story of how sections of the land have been turned from struggling patches of grass to productive havens. From banana pits, to raised veggie beds, to swale-based orchards, I will take you through some of the most successful practices I have found for improving the quality of your soil, and how to select fruit trees to match the varying demands that most sites will offer. Throughout the talk there will be observations on the natural environment, including how to work with it to create a more fertile piece of paradise.