Our first meeting in 2016 will include a free tai chi session with instructors from the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia. The gentle flowing movements of Taoist Tai Chi are designed to improve holistic health and calm the mind. With regular practice Taoist Tai Chi also improves balance, strength and flexibility (note from Editor –very, very good for keen gardeners)

The Society is a non-profit, charitable and volunteer-based organization dedicated to making the health and meditation benefits of tai chi more widely available. For more information about the Society visit

Following the Tai Chi segment our guest speaker, Rosie Harvest, will present 'Before the Compost Heap - Alternate use for the garden waste'.

Rosie is amongst other things, a sustainable weaver. She creates her own fibres and makes a range of woven items, including baskets, sculptures, bags and more. Her aim is to teach and inspire you to make your own rope, string, yarns and baskets from your own home grown fibres and plant materials. Rosie will provide a brief demonstration and a range of examples of her work.