Our guest speaker for August will be Dr Lee Hickey. Dr Hickey leads a research team situated within the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation at UQ, Brisbane, Australia. His lab conducts genetic studies on key biotic (foliar and soil-borne diseases) and abiotic (drought and heat) factors that limit production of wheat and barley, and develops novel breeding tools and methodologies.

Over the past nine years, Dr Lee Hickey has played a pivotal role in developing 'Speed Breeding': the rapid generation advance technology for spring wheat, to achieve an impressive six plant generations annually. His programme routinely applies speed breeding in combination with multi-trait phenotypic screening protocols to rapidly assemble novel germplasm.

Also, bring a pot of soup to share for supper.

Where:  Albion Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road, Windsor
When:   2nd August, 7.30 pm
Cost:     Admission is $2 for Members and $4 for Visitors and non-members.