David Gourlay from SoiLife will share his knowledge and practical ways of improving soil health across a number of industries including home gardening.
• Nutrition for plants, is essential as it becomes part of the human food chain. These days there is little nutrition in many of the crops produced for animal and human consumption.
• David will show you how easy it is to grow your own nutrition packed food. David will also explain ‘bundled’ beneficial microbes and why they will work for you 24/7.
• Currently David is working with farming communities in the Tweed Shire, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland providing real answers for farmers faced with loss of production and rising input costs.
• Growers are able to maintain production by substantially increasing ‘life in the soil’ with a marked increase in available nutrients and improving the biological food web.
• SoiLife supports the Sustainable Land Use Formula: Increase nutrient rich organic matter and maintain a balanced, abundant and diverse microbial population in the soil profile.
• SoiLife balances the soil to ‘unlock’ essential minerals, builds minimal turn compost and provides solutions for soils with biological & nutrient deficiencies.