BOGI will welcome Graeme Sait as our speaker for the April meeting. Graeme is the CEO and founder of multi-award winning, Australian company, Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS). This company is Australia's largest exporter of sustainable agriculture inputs and a recognised world leader in biological agriculture.

Graeme is a sought-after teacher, who has trained over 30,000 farmers across the world. He consults at Governmental level in many countries and his popular blog, "Nutrition Matters", inspires many thousands. Graeme specialises in the intimate interrelationship between soil, plant, animal and human health. More recently, that emphasis has expanded to include planetary health, in recognition of the link between humus and carbon sequestration. He is also an author/educator responsible for over 300 published articles and a popular book, “Nutrition Rules”.

Graeme will help you to understand the secrets of managing minerals and harnessing soil biology as your hidden workforce. His expansive knowledge will guide you to increased efficiency, enhanced profits and fewer problems. Most importantly, Graeme farms himself and he loves farmers. He has recently developed two demonstration/ research farms, called ‘Nutrition Farms’ and he is relishing the opportunity to walk the talk. In his words, "In the 30 countries I visit each year, my central goal is to return a smile to the face of farmers. Food producers are the most important professionals on the planet and they need to be nurtured".

Graeme's presentation is titled, Building Resilience: The Secrets of Home Food Production and a Happy, Healthier, Longer Life.

Your home garden is your ultimate wellness tool. Learn cutting-edge strategies to produce nutrient dense food with forgotten flavours, extended shelf-life and enhanced medicinal qualities. Reclaim your passion for food production. Discover the profound similarities between plant and human health, involving a balance of both minerals and microbes. You will receive a game plan for a longer, happier life.