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Gardening Websites

The following are some recommended free gardening information sites which have organic gardening information relevant to the Brisbane area:

  • ABC Gardening Australia
    Gardening Australia programs can be downloaded or watched online. There are also lots of other great pieces of information, just don't trust the Veggie Panting Guide too much as it has SEQ as a temperate area.
  • Annette McFarlane
    Annette is a ABC Gardening Australia presenter, Organic Gardener article writer, Grovely TAFE teacher, gardening talk back radio presenter, and active gardener. She is also author of many gardening books. This website is packed with useful gardening information.
  • Brisbane Insects
    Have a look at this website if you want to know what a bug might be and if it might be a bit of a pest.
  • Isabell Shipard
    If you want in depth information about beneficial plants for your health, then Isabell's books are the way to go. However for a quick overview, then this website is worth a look.
  • Jerry Colby-Williams
    Jerry is a ABC Gardening Australia presenter, Organic Gardener article writer, and active gardener. While this website does not contain heaps of gardening advice, it is well worth a look for insightful comments about sustainability, as well as gardening.
  • Pawpaw disease identifying
    A handy PDF reference about how to identify diseases with pawpaws from the old QLD DPI.
  • The Pompous Git's Guide to Gardening, the Universe and Everything!
    A free online book which is an improvement on and extension of the book Complete Guide to Organic Gardening first published in 1992. The author Jonathan Sturm lives and gardens in Tasmania near the city of Hobart.