It is extremely important to regularly feed your soil using organic inputs. A healthy soil can support healthy plants which are more resistant to pests and disease.

Composted material from a variety of sources is the best way to feed your soil. Aged manures can also be used, however it is best if they are incorporated as part of a composting process.

Organic products that provide some key elements are:

  • nitrogen (N): blood & bone (the blood part of b&b)
  • potassium (K): ash, composted hardwood, sugarcane mulch, molasses, granite rock dusts or deco
  • calcium (C): gypsum, dolomite, blood & bone (the bone part of b&b), animal bones, shells, metamorphic rock dusts
  • phosphorus (P): fowl manure, seaweed and fish products, blood & bone (the bone part of b&b), animal bones, rock phosphate
  • magnesium (Mg): dolomite, Epsom salts
  • sulphur (S): gypsum, sulphur (unbelievably)
  • trace elements: seaweed and fish products, rock dusts