Disease Managment

Unhealthy plants are more prone to disease. To help determine the root cause of the problem consider the following:

  • Check for water stress or water logging
  • Check plant climatic requirements and time of year factors (e.g. does it appear to be diseased, but is actually going into dormancy)
  • Check pH and soil fertility



The following short term remedies can be applied:

  • Strengthen plant resistance to disease – seaweed solution, potassium, silica, and zinc
  • Viral disorders – destroy plant – burn or remove from site
  • Fungal disorders – apply soap spray, milk spray, wettable sulphur, or herbal teas


The following longer term remedies should be actively pursued:

  • Increase the amount of organic matter in your soil. This will improve soil life, water holding capabilities, and more. The end result will be plants with greater disease resistance.
  • Reminerialise your soil with rock dusts
  • Adjust the pH of your soil to the level required by the plant


Reference the BOGI Queensland Planting Guide for detailed information about ways to manage disease.