Club Objectives and Aims


The club objectives under the BOG Rules of Association are:

  • The improvement of agriculture and horticulture generally;
  • Research into, and the study of, improved methods of organic farming and gardening; and
  • The advancement of knowledge and the fostering of public interest in organic gardening and farming and in other ecologically appropriate materials, techniques, methods and technologies generally.



Do you want to grow your own fruit and vegetables without chemicals, hormones, synthetic herbicides/pesticides, and exclude genetically modified foods from your diet? Then our club might be right for you, as BOGI aims to:

  • Encourage people to use organic methods in their gardens.
  • Stop using chemicals fertilisers and toxins.
  • Care for the soil through composting, worm farming, mulching, re-using & recycling waste, and living in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • Create a healthy ecosystem so natural predators are encouraged and plants are strong enough to resist attack from pest and diseases.
  • Produce healthy plants that will resist disease and be safer for human consumption.
  • Encourage native wildlife through reducing the use of dangerous chemicals.
  • Encourage nature through planting native species to encourage insects, frogs, birds and all wildlife that are part of our biodiversity.
  • Ensure that water from all sources is economically used to sustain all plantings.
  • Encourage less waste in our garbage by recycling it into compost.
  • Grow plants with companion plants which deter pests.