Where to Find

Local Rock Dust

No matter what you call them, rock minerals are a cheap and effective way to remineralise your soil. They are often called crusher dust or cracker dust. In general, the cheapest place to purchase them is at landscape supply outlets. Many will sell by the shovel full for those without a trailer. Note that you will only be able to fit a maximum of 0.5 cubic metres on a trailer as the material is VERY heavy.


Igneous Metamorphic Rock

Basalt, Greenstone, or Hornfels rock dusts provide calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. They also provide many other valuable trace elements such as iron and silicon.

The following Brisbane area quarries mine igneous metamorphic rock:

When sourcing rock dust from a landscape supply company, ensure that you ask which quarry the material came from. Even better, ask the quarry company for a recent mineral analysis.



Granite sourced from the Brisbane suburb "The Gap" contains high quality minerals, but most decomposed granite material will do.

When sourcing deco from a landscape supply company, ensure that you ask which quarry the material came from.


It is always best to use seeds for your local area. This is one of the reasons why saving your own seed is so beneficial. However when starting out in gardening, or trying a new crop, you might need to purchase new seed. As well, it can be hard to save seed from some plants are they might produce seed readily (e.g. due to climatic factors).

The following are some reputable local seed suppliers:

In addition, the Seed Savers' Network and its associated Local Seed Networks are a great place to obtain seed. Some of the local Brisbane networks are:


As an avid gardener, there is nothing like walking around a quality nursery and picking out that perfect plant. However nurseries can have limited stock, so the following sections provide information about alternatives for sourcing plants.

Fruit and Nut Trees

The following are specialist fruit and nut tree nurseries:

  • Forbidden Fruits
    his nursery carries a great selection of plants, including rare ones. Forbidden Fruits also attends the BOGI Fair, Nambour Gardening Expo, and Brisbane ABC Gardening Expo.
  • Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery
    The number of fruit trees for sale is quite comprehensive. As well, this site is also a great place to get information about the plants.
  • Birdwood Nursery
    Birdwood does not generally sell to the public (with the exception of the Nambour Gardening Expo). However their plants can be purchased at many local retail nurseries. This site is currently a work in progress, but should contain valuable information about fruit/nut trees in the future.


The are following specialist herb nurseries:

Gardening Websites

The following are some recommended free gardening information sites which have organic gardening information relevant to the Brisbane area:

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a vibrant place to be, particularly if you love growing your own food. Meet others, have fun, get fit, lose weight, share your skills, or learn something new at the various CGs around greater Brisbane.

Below is a list of some of the community gardens which operate around the Brisbane area, with more being formed all the time:

As well, the website Australian City Farms & Community Garden Networks tries to keep track of all the community garden throughout Australia, including Queensland and Brisbane.

Plant and Gardening Groups

Plant Focused Groups

These are groups focused on particular types of plants in the greater Brisbane area.


General Gardening Groups

While BOGI is a great club, there are other free or not-for-profit gardening groups in the Brisbane area which people might be interested in joining; see below:

Community gardens often have associated gardening groups as well.

Local Food

While we would all like to be able grow as much of our own food as possible, there are times when it is simply not possible. So the next best thing is to source locally produced food, preferably organic. The listing below provides a starting point for sourcing some local produce: