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Planting Guide

The table below shows a month-by-month planting guide for south Queensland coastal areas. Keep in mind that guides are just that, as micro-climates and variable weather conditions must be factored in as well. For instance if your fruit trees start flowering three weeks earlier than normal, you should adjust your planting schedule and the use of this (or any other) guide accordingly. For other planting guides, reference the BOGI Queensland Planting Guide.

* suitable for planting in frost-free areas


Seed to Harvest Duration Guide

Reference the table below for a guide on the approximate time it takes from sowing seeds until harvest. Buying seedlings for transplanting saves up to 3 or 4 weeks of time in the home garden.

Seedling Growing Time
Beans 56-70 days
Beetroot 56-70 days
Celery 84-140 days
Cabbage 63-105 days
Carrots 84-112 days
Cauliflower 115-140 days
Lettuce 56-84 days
Peas 84-98 days
Silver Beet 56-84 days
Tomatoes 84-112 days
Turnips 84-112 days