BOGI is a not-for-profit community organisation run by volunteers, who are all members. There are no paid or salaried staff. At the end of 2010, BOGI had more than 600 members.

BOGI was formed in 1975 and has a varied membership of people from all walks of life, abilities, and knowledge. Skills vary from beginners to very experienced. Ages range from young, single, family, retired to middle aged.


By Vic Calthorpe (BOGI Life Member):

On the 8th october 2005, I attended the 30th Anniversary of the beginning of BOGI.

I was in fact, in attendance at the first ever meeting back there in 1975. It was held in Cliff Laws' front room of his house in Dorrington. Some of us were sitting in armchairs and the rest on the carpet. Probably no more than 15 in attendance.

I sometimes think of how those 30 years of organic growing have personally benefited me and those around me.

I had in fact, been involved with organics long before BOGI, as I had stared work on a farm, which had been using organic or natural methods for hundreds of years and the farmers lived so close to nature that they had a true sense of the fundamentals, and this they taught me. Unlike modern times, one didn't farm for cash crops, but did the right thing by the land.

I carried this knowledge with me for many years starting gardens on small plots wherever I stopped for a while, until, eventually I bought my own block and was able to plant and stay to see them all reach maturity.

It was around this time whilst attending a Queensland Herb Society meeting, that they announced another group was starting up by the name of the Brisbane Organic Growers Group, and were to meet every month.

There is of course, a tremendous amount of stories, characters and events I could write on, but the benefits for me were the youthful enthusiasm, the single mindedness of purpose, and lots of fun at all the meetings through the 1970's-1980's. In those early days on Petrie Terrace, it was so enjoyable I couldn't resist being President!

We had several moves in location as the membership exploded, including a move to the city (Elizabeth Street), which now houses the Hari Krishna restaurant.

Being a person who can't just sit back and watch, I became President again during the 1980's when we moved into a rather large musty hall (in Morgan Street, Fortitude Valley), with the illustrious name of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Grand Lodge of Queensland! It had no parking except a nearby church ground that would often provoke the resident vicar to interrupt meetings by yelling out, "Get those bloody vehicles out of my car park!" But the meetings went on and bubbled with enthusiasm. It was during this period with everybody growing vegies, flowers, trees and children, that having a competition seemed a good idea. And so the BOGI Fair was born!

The first ever fair was held inside the hall and was full of produce. Tables and tables, it was so well attended that latecomers had to stand outside on the pavement and view the proceedings through the hall doors.

The reason for BOGI's popularity in those early years I believe, was that we as a group were the only really active organic group in Queensland. There were no TV programs on gardening, no videos or organic outlets. In fact, most people were still burning lawn clippings in their back yards! Being an organic gardener in those days was at least, to be strange or weird. At worst, likely to overthrow the government of the day!

It was during the late 80's that the first signs of ill health amongst the population began to appear, e.g. emotional problems, cancer etc. Doctors were starting to prescribe organic foods, but there were no outlets. So from the minds of two young unemployed BOGI members was born the 'Good Food Co-Op'. The first organic shop of its kind in Brisbane.

Many members came our way through the shop, wanting to learn more about their health and how to grow it. But that's another story.

During this time, I learnt the art of public speaking and it was always a constant joy to climb upon that stage and feel the effects of a hall full of smiley faces coming right back!

The speakers and enthusiasm was so high it was a struggle to shut the meeting down and for me to return home before midnight. But it left me with a warm glow for days after. May a plant, seeds or cutting, a cake or even an appreciative kiss on the cheek was still being enjoyed and carried me onto our next monthly gathering.

I met many characters, hippies, elderly gardeners, retired nursing matrons, immigrant gardeners, old farmers, rednecks, famous people, would-be farming people, young people and lots of loveable weirdos, but most of all, they loved gardening and wanted to put the world to right - their version of course!

My garden and me flourished because of them and their shared knowledge. I can remember vividly many BOGI Field Days at my place sharing too many pumpkins, chocos, jam and sunny days.

After 20 odd years with BOGI, I was overtaken with an even bigger joy. We had 2 baby girls. Often I would bring the girls along, and now my girls have no problem public speaking!

But I was to take another road.

I got involved with unemployed youth and their plight, so for the next 10 years I shared my knowledge and love of gardening. They explored my place, ate my cake (lots!), and drank my herb tea - and we laughed a lot. As the years passed, my knowledge grew, my family shrank - my garden blooms ever brighter and I am still happy!

This is of course, only a thumbnail sketch of the benefits of the last 30 years of organic growing. But for me, I am pleased I chose it. God Bless You.

Club Objectives and Aims


The club objectives under the BOG Rules of Association are:



Do you want to grow your own fruit and vegetables without chemicals, hormones, synthetic herbicides/pesticides, and exclude genetically modified foods from your diet? Then our club might be right for you, as BOGI aims to:

Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits of Membership are:

Executive and Office Bearers


President: Ros Wafer

Vice President: Maybe You?????

Secretary: Brian Widdon

Treasurer: Bruce Ham

Committee: Sue Akeroyd, Darren James, Lou James, Penny Ossowski, Adrian Vos, Thomas Wagner.


Office Bearers

Immediate Past President: Bruce Ham

BOGI Shop Convenor: Bruce Ham

Newsletter Editor: Penny Ossowski

Assistant Editors: Anni Dickson, Ann Mowles

Minute Secretary: Sue Akeroyd

Membership Secretary: Thomas Wagner

Library Team: Sue Akeroyd, Bronwyn Hawkins, Gwenda & Ken Carter

BOGI Books: Robyn Sargent

BOGI Seeds: Lou James

Sound: Philip Higson

Video: Philip Higson & Jason Spotswood

Newsletter Dispatch: Robyn Pottinger

Hall Rep: Bruce Ham

Supper: Floss Wainwright

Fair Convenor: Bruce Ham

Fair Secretary: Charlie Serchen

Field Trip Co-ordinator:

Publicity: Ann Mowles

Events Co-ordinator: Bruce Ham

Website content: Jason Spotswood

Website administration: Jason Spotswood


General Meetings

Where: The Peace Hall.

When: 1st Thursday of the month (except January). Meetings begin at 7.30pm and finish at approximately 9.30pm. Doors open at 6.30pm.
NOTE: When the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held, the start time is 7.00pm.

Cost: Admission is $2 for Members and $4 for Visitors and non-members.

Visitors are always welcome!

You will find a wide range of seeds, plants, and organic products, as well as produce grown by our members, available for purchase at each general meeting. Note that only Members may sell produce. The BOGI Books, BOGI Library, BOGI Seeds, and BOGI Shop are open on the night. There is also a Buy-Sell-Swap Table for Members.



There is a raffle held each meeting - tickets are just $1.

Raffle items are generally donated by Members and usually consist of plants or other handy gardening items.
There is also a food tree donated each raffle by Clutterbuck Family Trust. The legacy of this donation has been many thousands of native and food trees planted throughout the country.

If you bring something for supper (excluding the December meeting), you get two raffle tickets. Inform the raffle person at the door about your contribution to receive the tickets.



At the end of the meeting supper is provided. It is appreciated if members can contribute to the supper a couple of times per year. As an incentive, two raffle tickets are given to people who provide something for supper. Any assistance is also appreciated in helping to prepare for the supper and clean up afterwards.

Saturday Drop-in and Chats

Where: The Peace Hall.

When: Third Saturday of February, May, August, and November. Meetings begin at 1.30pm and finish at approximately 4.30pm. Doors open at 1.00pm..

Cost: Free (although you are requested to bring a plate to share for afternoon tea).

Visitors are always welcome!

Annual General Meetings

The AGM for the club is held in May. The AGM starts immediately before a normal General Meeting commencing at 7.00pm.

Executive Meetings

Where: The Peace Hall.

When: 2nd Thursday of the month (except January). Meetings begin at 10.00am.

Cost: None

NOTE: All BOGI Members may attend the executive meetings if they wish.


The BOGI club is an active member of the gardening community. As such, the club is often involved in local gardening exhibitions such as the Nambour Gardening Expo, the ABC Brisbane Gardening Expo, QLD Herb Society Show, and similar types of events. Members help run the BOGI stand to promote the club and answer gardening questions. Depending on the event, books and seeds many be available for sale.

See the following sections for other BOGI events.


The annual fair is one of the ways that the BOGI club promotes the benefits of organic growing and living to the wider community. It is also the main fundraising activity for the BOGI club. The fair day has been changed to the last Sunday in August and runs from 9 AM until 3 PM at The Peace Hall.

The fair is a free public event and includes all sorts of gardening information and demonstrations. Items are for sale, such as plants, seeds, fresh produce, preserves, organic fertilisers & pesticides, and more.

One of the main highlights of the fair is the BOGI competition where the produce from members compete in different categories. This allows Members and visitors to see what can be achieved organically in backyard gardens. The best part is that the organic produce is auctioned off at the end of the day.

Delicious and healthy food is available for purchase from the BOGI Cafe.

No dogs are allowed on the day.

See the 2018 BOGI Fair page for additional information on this year's fair.


Member's Involvement

The success of the fair depends on the active participation from Members in the club, whether it be providing baked goods for the cafe, helping on the day, or assisting at a BOGI stall. Members are also encouraged to recycle 200mm plastic pots with plants to help liven up the area. These plants are sold off at the end of the fair.


2009 BOGI Fair Pictures

Below are some pictures from the 2009 BOGI Fair.

2018 BOGI Fair

The 2018 BOGI Fair will be held at the Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road Windsor (near the Albion railway station), on Sunday the 26th of August from 9am-3pm (FREE admission). This will be the 32nd Brisbane Organic Growers Fair. 

This year we will be doing free soil ph testing, so bring along a small sample of your soil in a jar to be tested.

Thanks so much to all of our members, volunteers, speakers, stallholders and supporters for helping to make it such a great day.

Check out the 2018 fair flyer, along with the updated stallholders list available below.

We hope to see you at the fair!

Information for Members

For those BOGI members who are preparing to grow their entries for the BOGI fair competition, details of the competition including rules and categories are given here:


And a guide for when to plant in order to harvest in time for the fair is given here:


If you can help out with donations of plants or baked items etc, or your time, please refer to the volunteers page.


Stallholders Information for 2018

The 2018 fair will be a great chance to spread the word about the benefits of Organic Growing and Organic Living to the wider community. Stallholders' participation in the Fair plays an important part in making this annual event a success.

Please reference the stallholder information page for more information and the application form.

Confirmed Stallholders for 2018 (more to come)

Stall Name Stall Description/Contact
BOGI Books Books on plants, their uses and growing.
BOGI Cafe Delicious food and drink.
BOGI Corner Store Potted plants, cuttings, seedlings etc.
BOGI Seeds Seeds, including difficult to find seeds.
BOGI Shop Fertilisers, soil additives, organic pest control etc.
4Real Milk Tasting and selling dairy products.
Adrian Vos Innovative large plastic pots & worm juice drums
Animal Nursery Children get to be up close an personal with a variety of baby animals.
Basilea Potted herbs.
Biosecurity Queensland Info on the invasive pest red imported fire ant etc.
C & J Linek Tools & recycled books
ChinChilli Chilli sauces, chilli jams, chilli rubs.
Composta Worm farms  
Cottage Borders & Succulents Sale of plants and ornaments
Cut Above Tools Selling quality garden tools. Secateurs, loppers, gloves, s/steel hand tools.
Dig For Victory Selling herbs, veggies and fruiting plants
Direct Compost Solutions Easy composter & propagator.
Elizabeth Peterson Selling preserves & homemade products
Forbidden Fruit Nursery Fruit trees, dwarf fruit trees, rare plants.
Forget Me Not Seeds Heritage seeds
Gail Green Herbs
Gilda A.Trudu Edible, decorative plants, craft, (bracelets & necklesses), and homemade soap.
Ja's Herb Nursery Potted herbs, scented geraniums, salvias, lavenders etc.
Ian's Bee Stuff Jams, Soap, Bees, Wax, Honey
Julie Wellington Sale of cards, craft bits and pieces, pressed flower pictures, cuttings.
Just Geraniums Selling scented and edible geraniums, candle holders, seedlings and pottery.
Madhat Creations Handmade crafts
McLeod's Organics Selling certified organic fertiliser and fruit & veggie produce.
Phil’s Organics Organic fertilisers, comphrey plants, seedlings and worm farms.
Spinifex Country Products Charcoal, biochar and timber pot hollows.
Southern Cross Country Books on practical spirituality and angels.
Stan Cadjler DIY solar power.
Stop Adani Not for profit climate action group promoting change from coal to renewables and protecting water resources.
The Chilli Patch Potted herbs, chillies, salad greens, vegetable seedlings and micro herbs. Hand made timber products.
The Rich Pour Organic/rainforest alliance coffee - http://therichpour.com.au/
Top Tropicals Tropical plants
Van Veen Organics Edible and medicinal plants. Native stingless bees.
Witches Brew Fertiliser.
Wundanook Creations Handmade soaps and body products.


BOGI Fair Speakers

9-20                       Speaking Program Announcement – Introduction to BOGI

9-30                       Biochar for the garden – Roger and Tammy from Spinafex Country

10-00                     Soils - Bruce Ham BOGI

10-30                     Opening by Cr Wyndham BCC

10-45                     Annette McFarlane

11-30                     Perennial Edibles –Kevin Redd – Sustainable Cuisine

12-20                     Musicians – the Hamzies

2-00                       AUCTION


Fair Contact Details

Email: bogifair@bogi.org.au (preferred method of contact)



Proudly supported by

BOGI Fair Competition

The Competition is a corner stone of the BOGI Fair. It is how BOGI can show the public that wonderful plants and food can be created using organic methods.

Rules for the BOGI Fair Competition:

  • All entrants must be current BOGI Members except for the children’s section.
  • All fruit and vegetables must be organically grown by members.
  • No soil is to be left on the roots of plants or they will not be accepted.
  • Entries may be cut by judges as necessary.
  • Entries in the Container Plant Section will only be accepted from Fire Ant areas with the appropriate DPI Permit.
  • Entries can be accepted between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm on the Saturday before Fair Day and between 7.00 am and 8.30 am on the Fair Day. No entries will be accepted after 8.30 am on the day of the Fair.
  • All food must be covered with clear cellophane or plastic wrap.
  • Entrants must recognise that this is a friendly competition between members.
  • If there are three or less entries in a category then only first prize will be awarded, more than three entries and a first and second prize will be awarded. New categories will be created if there are at least three entries of any item not listed.


Prizes will be:

  • First Prize $5 Voucher
  • Second Prize $2 Voucher (subject to number of entries received in a category).

Vouchers can be used on any BOGI Product (BOGI Shop, BOGI Books or BOGI Seeds).

Entry Fees: $2 for up to six entries, $4 for up to twelve entries

Auction of Competition Entries:

All entrants will be asked if they will donate their entries to BOGI to be auctioned after 2.00 pm on Fair Day. All entries not being auctioned must be collected between 1.30 pm and 2.00 pm on Fair Day, otherwise they are fair game for the auctioneers!


Competition Sections and Criteria

Please note – if there are three or more entries of any item not listed here on the day, a new category will be created.  Similarly, these categories are subject to change to reflect produce/entries received for the competition.

Fruit and Vegetables

1. Beetroot – 3 of any type, leaves attached
2. Cabbage – 1 of any type with outer leaves, with or without roots
3. Lettuce – 1 of any type with roots
4. Carrots – 3 with tops of any variety
5. Silverbeet – 6 stalks of any variety
6. Kale - 6 stalks of any variety
7. Spinach - bunch of at least 6 stalks
8. Cherry Tomatoes – Small plate with calyx or Large - three with calyx
9. Standard Tomatoes – 3 of any variety with calyx
10. Radishes – bunch of 3 with tops, any variety
11. Beans – plate of any variety
12. Peas – plate of any variety
**13. Snow Peas – plate of any variety
14. Asian Vegetables – 2 of any variety
**15. Pak Choi – 2 of any variety
16. Potatoes – 3 of any variety
17. Sweet Potatoes – 2 of any variety
18. Onions/Leeks – 2 of any variety
19. Broccoli/Cauliflower – 1 head
20. Pumpkin - 1 of any variety
21. Turnips
22. Unusual Root Vegetables
23. Miscellaneous Vegies - 1 or 2 of any variety or small plateful for small items
24. Citrus – 2 of any variety with stalk
**25. Lemons – 2 of any variety with stalk
**26. Limes – 2 of any variety with stalk
27. Strawberries – small plate
28. Pawpaws
29. Most Unusual Fruit or Vegetable
30. Miscellaneous/Tropical/Native fruit - 1 if it is large, 2 if medium, plateful if small
**31. Herbs - single variety
**32. Herbs - bunch of mixed
**33. Spices – produced below ground - 1 if it is large, 2 if medium, plateful if small.
**34. Spices – produced above ground - 1 if it is large, 2 if medium, plateful if small.
35. Eggs - 6 of any type
36. Basket/box/container of mixed garden produce fresh from your garden (may include vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers etc.)


37. Flower, Herbal or Mixed Arrangement

Container Plant Section

Container must not exceed 65cm x 40cm in size

38. Container of choice planted with edible plants
39. Container of choice planted with ornamental plants

Conserves and Preserves

All to be in 250ml to 500ml jars/bottles.

40. Jar of Jam any variety
41. Jar of Marmalade, any variety
42. Jar of Pickled Vegetables, any variety
43. Jar of Pickles or Chutney, any variety
44. Miscellaneous conserve, preserve, butter or honey
45. Bottle of cordial or liqueur
46. Bottle of sauce
**47. Dried fruit and vegetables, small plate or container

Baked Foods

Must be covered with cellophane or plastic wrap

48. Cake - any type
49. Biscuits or Slice - 1 plateful, any type
50. Breads or other baked goods

48. Cake - any type
49. Biscuits or Slice - 1 plateful, any type
50. Breads or other baked goods
51. Most creative & useful worm tower
52. Garden Ornament

Children’s Section

This is open for children 12 years old and under. Entry is Free. Certificates only awarded.

53. Container planted with flower, vegetable or herbs (no more than 65cm x 40cm)
54. Patty cakes - 2 decorated
55. Children's creative decorated fruit or vegetable


** Indicates new section for 2018


Fair Contact Details

Email: bogifair@bogi.org.au (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 0435916577


BOGI Fair 2014 Competition

The BOGI fair competition is an excellent way to showcase the produce that can be grown organically in and around Brisbane.

If you wish to harvest your crop in time for this year's fair date of the 12th October 2014, then the list below gives you a planting date guide using typical time to harvest (check your own seeds).  Good luck with your entries and your chance to win the Colin Campbell Best in Fair trophy!

If you want the full version of the planting spreadsheet, then this is accessible to BOGI members who join the bogioz forum.  Details are in your newsletter.

Plant Planting Date Approx Time to Harvest
Artichoke 11 July 93 days
Basil 12 August 61 days
Bean, Broad 30 June 104 days
Bean, Bush 2 August 71 days
Bean, Climbing 2 August 71 days
Beetroot 2 August 71 days
Broccoli 28 July 76 days
Broccoli (Hong Kong) 18 August 55 days
Brussel Sprouts 11 July 93 days
Cabbage 18 July 86 days
Capsicum 18 July 86 days
Carrot 18 July 86 days
Cauliflower 28 May 137 days
Celery 11 June 123 days
Chilli 23 July 81 days
Collards 18 July 86 days
Corn, Sweet 11 July 93 days
Cucumber 5 August 68 days
Eggplant 27 June 107 days
Endive 12 July 92 days
Garlic 10 April 185 days
Herbs, Parsley 11 July 93 days
Kale 11 August 62 days
Leek 11 June 123 days
Lettuce 11 July 93 days
Onion 10 April 185 days
Parsnip 29 May 136 days
Pea 23 July 81 days
Potatoes 12 June 122 days
Pumpkin 5 June 129 days
Radish 7 September 35 days
Rhubarb 7 June 127 days
Rockmelon 5 July 99 days
Endive 29 July 75 days
Shallots 5 July 99 days
Snowpeas 2 August 71 days
Squash, Button 18 August 55 days
Strawberries 10 May 155 days
Swede 29 July 75 days
Tomato 7 July 97 days
Watermelon 12 July 92 days
Zucchini 12 August 61 days


BOGI Fair 2015 Competition

The BOGI fair competition is an excellent way to showcase the produce that can be grown organically in and around Brisbane.

If you wish to harvest your crop in time for this year's fair date of the 30th August 2015, then the list below gives you a planting date guide using typical time to harvest (check your own seeds).  Good luck with your entries and your chance to win the Colin Campbell Best in Fair trophy!

If you want the full version of the planting spreadsheet, please download it here.

Plant Planting Date Approx Time to Harvest
Artichoke 29/05/2015 93 days
Basil 30/06/2015 61 days
Bean, Broad 18/05/2015 104 days
Bean, Bush 20/06/2015 71 days
Bean, Climbing 20/06/2015 71 days
Beetroot 20/06/2015 71 days
Broccoli 15/06/2015 76 days
Broccoli (Hong Kong) 05/07/2015 55 days
Brussel Sprouts 29/05/2015 93 days
Cabbage 05/06/2015 86 days
Capsicum 05/06/2015 86 days
Carrot 05/06/2015 86 days
Cauliflower 15/04/2015 137 days
Celery 29/04/2015 123 days
Chilli 10/06/2015 81 days
Collards 05/06/2015 86 days
Corn, Sweet 29/05/2015 93 days
Cucumber 23/06/2015 68 days
Eggplant 15/05/2015 107 days
Endive 30/05/2015 92 days
Garlic 28/02/2015 185 days
Herbs, Parsley 29/05/2015 93 days
Kale 29/06/2015 62 days
Leek 29/04/2015 123 days
Lettuce 29/05/2015 93 days
Onion 28/02/2015 185 days
Parsnip 16/04/2015 136 days
Pea 10/06/2015 81 days
Potatoes 30/04/2015 122 days
Pumpkin 23/04/2015 129 days
Radish 25/07/2015 35 days
Rhubarb 25/04/2015 127 days
Rockmelon 23/05/2015 99 days
Endive 16/06/2015 75 days
Shallots 23/05/2015 99 days
Snowpeas 20/06/2015 71 days
Squash, Button 06/07/2015 55 days
Strawberries 28/03/2015 155 days
Swede 16/06/2015 75 days
Tomato 25/05/2015 97 days
Watermelon 30/05/2015 92 days
Zucchini 30/06/2015 61 days


BOGI Fair 2016 Competition

The BOGI fair competition is an excellent way to showcase the produce that can be grown organically in and around Brisbane.

If you wish to harvest your crop in time for this year's fair date of the 28th August 2016, then the list below gives you a planting date guide using typical time to harvest (check your own seeds).  Good luck with your entries and your chance to win the Colin Campbell Best in Fair trophy!

If you want the full version of the planting spreadsheet, please download it here.

Plant Planting Date Approx Time to Harvest
Artichoke 27/05/2016 93 days
Basil 13/06/2016 61 days
Bean, Broad 16/05/2016 104 days
Bean, Bush 18/06/2016 71 days
Bean, Climbing 18/06/2016 71 days
Beetroot 18/06/2016 71 days
Broccoli 13/06/2016 76 days
Broccoli (Hong Kong) 03/07/2016 55 days
Brussel Sprouts 27/05/2016 93 days
Cabbage 08/05/2016 86 days
Capsicum 03/06/2016 86 days
Carrot 03/06/2016 86 days
Cauliflower 13/04/2016 137 days
Celery 27/04/2016 123 days
Chilli 08/06/2016 81 days
Collards 03/06/2016 86 days
Corn, Sweet 27/05/2016 93 days
Cucumber 21/06/2016 68 days
Eggplant 13/05/2016 107 days
Endive 28/05/2016 92 days
Garlic 26/02/2016 185 days
Herbs, Parsley 27/05/2016 93 days
Kale 27/06/2016 62 days
Leek 27/04/2016 123 days
Lettuce 27/05/2016 93 days
Onion 26/02/2016 185 days
Parsnip 14/04/2016 136 days
Pea 08/06/2016 81 days
Potatoes 28/04/2016 122 days
Pumpkin 21/04/2016 129 days
Radish 23/07/2016 35 days
Rhubarb 23/04/2016 127 days
Rockmelon 21/05/2016 99 days
Endive 14/06/2016 75 days
Shallots 21/05/2016 99 days
Snowpeas 18/06/2016 71 days
Squash, Button 04/07/2016 55 days
Strawberries 26/03/2016 155 days
Swede 14/06/2016 75 days
Tomato 23/05/2016 97 days
Watermelon 28/05/2016 92 days
Zucchini 28/06/2016 61 days



Below are some questions which get regularly asked about the BOGI Fair.  We will add more detail as the fair date approaches.  If you have more questions please let the Fair Convenor know via bogifair@bogi.org.au

  • Where

The Fair is located at 102 McDonald Rd at the Peace Hall and adjacent park, which is under the Albion overpass.

  • When

The Fair is on the last Sunday of August (26th August for 2018) between 9am and 3pm.

  • How can I get to the Fair

The Albion Railway station is very close to the fair, and is a great way to get there.

  • Where can I park

There are no car parks within the fair venue, although there is street parking available within the surrounding streets.

  • Where is the nearest EFTPOS machine/ATM

While some stallholders will have credit card facilities, not all stallholders will, so it is best to bring some cash.  There is an ATM at the fair, ATM's are also located at the Puma petrol station on Albion Rd or at the Lutwyche shopping centre on Lutwyche Rd.

  • Map of stalls

A map and stall / speaker lists will be added to the 2018 fair page as details are confirmed. 

  • Is Organic produce for sale (eg fruit and vegetables)

Some stallholders will be selling fruit and vegetables, but it is not primarily a produce market.  The list of confirmed stallholders so far for this year are given on the 2018 fair page here

  • Can I bring my pet?

The park and hall area is not large, and we will have chickens and an animal farm at the event, so we would ask people not to bring their pets to the fair.

BOGI Fair Stallholders Information

The 2018 fair will, as always, be a great chance to spread the word about the benefits of Organic Growing and Organic Living to the wider community. Stallholders' participation in the Fair plays an important part in making this annual event a success.

We welcome your application to have a stall at our Fair.

  • The fair will be held on Sunday the 26th August 2018
  • The Stall Fee is $40.00.
  • Stall sites will be approximately 3 x 3 metres wide.
  • Tables will be available for hire for $15.00 each.
  • Stallholders must be set up by 8 am and all vehicles to be removed from the area by then.
  • Each stallholder must complete a Stallholder Application and return with Stall Fee to the Fair Convenor.
  • Brisbane Organic Growers Inc reserves the right of refusal.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the fair convenor with any queries.

Return to the main 2018 Fair Page here http://bogi.org.au/2018-bogi-fair

Fair Contact Details

Email: bogifair@bogi.org.au (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 0435916577


BOGI Fair Volunteers

Simply put, without the many volunteers who assist before, during, and after the BOGI Fair day, the event would not continue to be the success it has been over a number of years now.

Joining in is a fantastic way to get to meet others in the club and get more out of your BOGI experience.

Set up/Preparation

  • from 1.30 to 4.30 Saturday afternoon before the fair
  • from 6am Sunday (on the day of the fair) for setting up stalls and display gardens, and 
  • from 7.30am Sunday (on the day of the fair) in the Kitchen for the Cafe and BBQ

During the Fair

The fair is officially open from 9am until 3pm and BOGI members will be helping out at the following BOGI enterprises:

  • BOGI Store
  • BOGI Books
  • BOGI Seeds
  • BOGI Corner Store
  • BOGI Cafe
  • Raffle
  • Demonstrations/Presentations
  • Membership and Information
  • Members' Competition

Clean Up

There will be cleaning up afterwards from 3 to 4pm on the Sunday of the fair.

Cafe Helpers

If you wish to volunteer in the cafe, the Brisbane City Council provides a training video via this link which is useful to understand good hygiene and food preparation practice:



BOGI members often have great plants not readily available at the garden centre that can help new gardeners get their gardens underway.  There are also plenty of spare plastic pots at the BOGI shop, so we ask people to pot up some plants, seeds etc so that they will be looking good by October for sale at the Corner Store or in the display gardens.  Display plants are auctioned off at the end of the day.

The BOGI Cafe is a welcome rest spot after a warm morning out in the park, and with the help of donations and volunteers it has a great reputation for delicious home cooked goodies.  Below are a list of items needed:

  • Vegetable Quiche (in lamington sized tray, no pastry base ie vegetarian and gluten free)
  • Fritter Batter (recipe below)
  • Pikelets
  • Pumpkin Scones (recipe below)
  • Muffins
  • Plain Patty Cakes (to be made into butterfly cakes on the day)
  • Decorated Patty Cakes
  • Slices (in lamington sized tray, not cut up)
  • Chocolate crackles with pure icing sugar
  • Biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Hard Boiled Eggs (for sandwiches)
  • Variety of vegetables for fritters (needed early on the day of the fair)
  • Salad vegetables (needed early on the day of the fair)
  • Other items eg eggs, butter, fruit, jam etc


Fritter Batter


  • 2 cups plain flour, pinch salt, 2 eggs, 2tbsp cooking oil, 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup water


  1. Mix four and salt in bowl
  2. Beat eggs, oil, milk and water together
  3. Gradually mix into dry ingredients
  4. Store in refrigerator until ready to add herbs and vegetables just before cooking
  5. Fry in oil in pan until lightly browned

Pumpkin Scones


  • 1 tbsp butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 egg, 1 cup mashed pumpkin (cold), 2 1/4 cup SR flour (or 2 1/4 cups plain flour and 4 1/2 tsp baking powder)


  1. Beat butter, sugar and salt in a bowl
  2. Beat in egg
  3. Mix in pumpkin, then flour
  4. Flatten to about 2 or 3cm thick on floured scone tray
  5. Cook in hot oven (225-250°C) for about 15-20 minutes
  6. Serve warm

If you can help with any of the above, please either put your name down on the list at the monthly members meeting or contact the fair convenor.

Fair Contact Details

Email: bogifair@bogi.org.au (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 0435916577

Field Trips

A number of Field Trips are organised each year for Members only. Field trip numbers can be limited, so first in best dressed. 

Where: Trips can involve visiting urban, acreage, country, and interstate gardens. 

When: Second or third weekend of April, July, and October.

Cost: Depends on the venue and transport arrangements.

Member Garden Tours

Touring through Member's gardens is a great way to see how other people garden and share ideas with organic gardeners. Only Members can attend the tours.

Where: A Member's garden, generally in the greater Brisbane area.

When: Second or third Sunday of March, June, and September.

Cost: Free (although you are requested to bring a plate to share for morning or afternoon tea).


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