BOGI Seminar 2015

All Things Great and Microscopic

The organisms that you cannot see can make a big impact on the productivity of an organic garden.

Saturday 21 March 2015

8.30am to 2.30pm

Albion Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road, Windsor

Presenters will be:-

Bruce Ham (BOGI Vice President) will introduce the speakers and provide some context.
Phil Vardy (Biologist) Introduction to microbiota.
Steve Capeness (Soil Foodweb Adviser and Agronomist) will speak on compost and compost teas.
Shane Gishford (Soil Foodweb Adviser, Agronomist) will speak on microbial applications.
Anne McPhee (Mycologist/ microbiologist) discussing microbes and fungi and human health implications.

Cost will be $30 for members ($40 for non members) which includes morning tea and lunch.

We need early payment to secure your place as attendance will be limited to 100.

Please pay fees at the membership desk at the February or March Meeting
By mail to Brisbane Organic Growers Inc, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor  QLD  4030
Register with Bruce by email

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