BOGI Seeds

The BOGI Seed Bank is a collection of seeds donated by various members of BOGI or purchased from a reliable source.

Seeds are $1 a packet for Members and $1.50 for non-members (some bulk seed packets are available and priced accordingly). The number of seeds provided varies, but it is generally enough for a couple of harvests (i.e. just the right amount). Seeds are available for purchase at the General Meetings as well as certain special events (e.g. BOGI Fair). If you have any problems sprouting seeds brought from the BOGI Seed Bank please return them for exchange.


Donating Seeds

When donating seed, please make sure it is clean and ready for packaging, and that it is from plants which are organically grown and non hybrid varieties. We are currently accepting all types of seed, from insect attracting flowers to all vegetables and herbs. You can either bring your seed to seed bank during the monthly meetings or mail it to the BOGI Seed Bank.

When donating seeds you can ask to get some complementary seed packets as a thank you for your effort.



Our current seed list

- please note that although we try to keep this as up to date as possible, seeds are constantly being sold and added.