BOGI Fair Competition

The Competition is a corner stone of the BOGI Fair. It is how BOGI can show the public that wonderful plants and food can be created using organic methods.

Rules for the BOGI Fair Competition:

  • All entrants must be current BOGI Members except for the children’s section.
  • All fruit and vegetables must be organically grown by members.
  • No soil is to be left on the roots of plants or they will not be accepted.
  • Entries may be cut by judges as necessary.
  • Entries in the Container Plant Section will only be accepted from Fire Ant areas with the appropriate DPI Permit.
  • Entries can be accepted between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm on the Saturday before Fair Day and between 7.00 am and 8.30 am on the Fair Day. No entries will be accepted after 8.30 am on the day of the Fair.
  • All food must be covered with clear cellophane or plastic wrap.
  • Entrants must recognise that this is a friendly competition between members.
  • If there are three or less entries in a category then only first prize will be awarded, more than three entries and a first and second prize will be awarded. New categories will be created if there are at least three entries of any item not listed.


Prizes will be:

  • First Prize $5 Voucher
  • Second Prize $2 Voucher (subject to number of entries received in a category).

Vouchers can be used on any BOGI Product (BOGI Shop, BOGI Books or BOGI Seeds).

Entry Fees: $2 for up to six entries, $4 for up to twelve entries

Auction of Competition Entries:

All entrants will be asked if they will donate their entries to BOGI to be auctioned after 2.00 pm on Fair Day. All entries not being auctioned must be collected between 1.30 pm and 2.00 pm on Fair Day, otherwise they are fair game for the auctioneers!


Competition Sections and Criteria

Please note – if there are several entries of any item not listed here on the day, a new category will be created.  Similarly, these categories are subject to change to reflect produce/entries received for the competition.

Fruit and Vegetables

1. Beetroot – 3 of any type, leaves attached
2. Cabbage – 1 of any type with outer leaves, with or without roots
3. Lettuce – 1 of any type with roots
4. Carrots – 3 with tops of any variety
5. Silverbeet – 6 stalks of any variety
6. Kale - 6 stalks of any variety
7. Spinach - bunch of at least 6 stalks
8. Cherry Tomatoes – Small plate with calyx or Large - three with calyx
9. Standard Tomatoes – 3 of any variety with calyx
10. Radishes – bunch of 3 with tops, any variety
11. Beans – plate of any variety
12. Peas – plate of any variety
13. Eggplants
14. Asian Vegetables – 2 of any variety
15. Potatoes – 3 of any variety
16. Sweet Potatoes – 2 of any variety
17. Onions/Leeks – 2 of any variety
18. Broccoli/Cauliflower – 1 head
19. Pumpkin - 1 of any variety
20. Turnips
21. Unusual Root Vegetables
22. Miscellaneous Vegies - 1 or 2 of any variety or small plateful for small items
23. Citrus – 2 of any variety with stalk
24. Strawberries – small plate
25. Pawpaws
26. Most Unusual Fruit or Vegetable
27. Miscellaneous/Tropical/Native fruit - 1 if it is large, 2 if medium, plateful if small
28. Herbs
29. Spices – 1 if it is large, 2 if medium, plateful if small28. Herbs
30. Eggs - 6 of any type
31. Basket/box/container of mixed garden produce fresh from your garden (may include vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers etc.)


32. Flower, Herbal or Mixed Arrangement

Container Plant Section

Container must not exceed 65cm x 40cm in size

33. Container of choice planted with edible plants
34. Container of choice planted with decorative

Conserves and Preserves

All to be in 250ml to 500ml jars/bottles.

35. Jar of Jam any variety
36. Jar of Marmalade, any variety
37. Jar of Pickled Vegetables, any variety
38. Jar of Pickles or Chutney, any variety
39. Miscellaneous conserve, preserve, butter or honey
40. Bottle of cordial or liqueur

Baked Foods

Must be covered with cellophane or plastic wrap

41. Cake - any type
42. Biscuits or Slice - 1 plateful, any type
43. Breads or other baked goods

Homemade Scarecrow

Can be made with any material, but must be made by the entrant.

44. Adults Scarecrow

Recycled Craft

45. Item made from garden recyclables
46. Most creative & useful worm tower

Children’s Section

This is open for children 12 years old and under. Entry is Free. Certificates only awarded.

47. Container planted with flower, vegetable or herbs (no more than 65cm x 40cm)
48. Patty cakes - 2 decorated
49. Children's Scarecrow
50. Children's creative decorated fruit or vegetable

Fair Contact Details

Email: (preferred method of contact)

Phone: 0435916577