BOGI Books

BOGI Books stocks a wide range of titles related to organic growing and a sustainable way of living; most of the titles are listed below. These books are sold at discounted rates to BOGI Members and the prices are provided in the monthly newsletters. They have been chosen by the executive committee members and are available at meetings or by mail order (BOGI Books).

MAIL ORDER: Send mail orders to – BOGI Books, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor, 4030 or via email to Please add $8 for each book ordered to cover postage and packaging, except for the Qld Planting Guide - in which case only add $1.50 for postage and packaging. Please make cheque payable to “Brisbane Organic Growers Inc”.

As we prefer to see members, save on postage by picking up your books at one of the monthly meetings.

If additional information is required, please contact BOGI Books via email (

BOGI Book prices subject to change without notice. The prices below are current as of 15 May 2016.


BOGI Books Listing - prices are for members only

2016 Astrological and Moon Planting Calendar     Zimmer   $ 10
Australian Stingless Bees: a Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping   Klumpp   $ 25
Backyard Beekeeping        Smithers  $ 14
Backyard Poultry Naturally       Moore   $ 29
Backyard Self-Sufficiency       French   $ 15
Bug: the ultimate gardener’s guide to organic pest control   Marshall  $ 17
Citrus: A Guide to Organic Management , Propagation, Pruning,   Gilbert   $ 21
City Permaculture        Earth Garden  $ 14
Composting         Marshall  $ 20
Create More Butterflies        Jordan & Schwencke $ 21
Down to Earth Garden Design       Dudman  $ 25
Eat Your Garden        Shanahan   $ 32
Gardening Australia - Love Your Garden      McFarlane  $ 26
Gardening Down Under: A Guide to Healthier Soils and Plants   Handreck  $ 35
Grafting & Budding: A Practical Guide for Fruit and Nut Plants   Lewis & Alexander $ 24
Grasp the Nettle: Making Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Work   Proctor   $ 23
Habitat Garden: Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden    Grant   $ 20
Herbs for Australian Gardens       Woodward  $ 28
How Can I be Prepared with Self-Sufficiency and Survival Foods?   Shipard   $ 26
How Can I Use Herbs in my Daily Life?      Shipard   $ 32
How I Grow & Use Sprouts as Living Food     Shipard   $ 26
Jackie French's Chook Book       French   $ 15
Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting     French   $ 13
Moon Gardening Calendar       Scott   $ 11
Natural Control of Garden Pests       French   $ 15
New Plants from Old        French   $ 15
Organic Control of Common Weeds      French   $ 13
Organic Fruit Growing        McFarlane  $ 25
Organic Vegetable Gardening 2nd edn      McFarlane  $ 25
Outdoor Classrooms: a handbook for school gardens    Nuttall & Millington $ 20
Papaya (pawpaw) the Medicine Tree      Tietze   $ 10
Pruning for Flowers and Fruit       Varkulevicius  $ 28
* Queensland Planting Guide       BOGI Members  $   6
Seedsavers' Handbook        Fanton   $ 20
Share: a Permaculture Cookbook      Burnell-Jones  $ 14
Soil Food - 1372 ways to feed your garden     French   $ 13
Successful Gardening in Warm Climates      McFarlane  $ 21
The Garden Guardians        Davenport  $ 21
The Good Bug Book        Llewellyn  $ 27
Using and Saving the Surplus       BOGI Members  $   7
Weed: The Ultimate Gardener;s Guide to Organic pest Control   Marshall  $ 17
What Plant Pest or Disease is that?       McMaugh  $ 35
You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat it too     Clayfield  $ 26