Blood and Bone (Organic)

Queensland Organics is one of the few suppliers of PURE Blood and Bone. It is a rich, natural fertilizer that is suitable for the whole garden (an excellent fertiliser for all vegies and flowers including exotics and natives). Blood and Bone is a slow release fertiliser which contains Nitrogen (8%), Calcium (9%), Phosphorous (4.6%), and a small amount of Potassium (0.5%). The high protein level means that Blood and Bone is an excellent food for microbes in the soil, which helps them to multiply and keep a healthy soil. The low potash can be supplemented with Sulphate of Potash.

To use, spread 50 to 100 grams per square metre, depending on soil conditions and requirements.

In the words of Peter Cundall:

It's a wonderful fertiliser because it contains bone meal that contains calcium and phosphorus, which are marvellous for plants, and also in the meat meal and the blood meal, that's full of nitrogen that makes lovely plants leafy and lush.