2017 BOGI Fair

The 2017 BOGI Fair will be held at the Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road Windsor (near the Albion railway station), on Sunday the 27th of August from 9am to 3pm. It will be the 31st Brisbane Organic Growers Fair.

There’s always a lot to see at the BOGI Fair, which spreads from the Peace Hall under the Albion overpass and into the neighbouring park.  Organic growers will be on hand to answer your queries along with an extensive selection of vegetable plants, herbs and fruit trees to fill available space in the garden.

Wander around our stallholders who will sell everything from seeds and seedlings to gardening tools. Pest solutions, organic fertilisers and additives will be available from our BOGI Shop, with organic seeds including many heirloom varieties provided from our BOGI seed bank and from Eden Seeds and Green Harvest. Organic gardening books will be available for sale at the fair.

Our knowledgeable speakers will catch your attention along with yummy treats at our café offering freshly cooked organic sausages, quiches, salads, cakes, tea and coffee. And the animal farm will be available to entertain the children.

The fair is free and welcomes everyone, even if you have never turned a spade in your life. Come in for a look from 9am and stay for the day which concludes with the produce auction from 2.30 in the afternoon. No pets please. Entry is free for all ages.

Check out the 2017 fair flyer, and the stallholders list will be available soon. We hope to see you at the fair.

Information for Members

For those BOGI members who are preparing to grow their entries for the BOGI fair competition, details of the competition including rules and categories are given here:



Stallholders Information for 2017

The 2017 fair is a great chance to spread the word about the benefits of Organic Growing and Organic Living to the wider community. Stallholders' participation in the Fair plays an important part in making this annual event a success.

Please reference the stallholder information page for more information and download the application form.


Confirmed Stallholders for 2017

Stall Name  Stall Description/Contact
BOGI Books Robyn is selling gardening books, magazines, dvd's on all things gardening.
BOGI Cafe Sue will provide you with a healthy snack,(& cakes) and enjoy in our BOGI Café.
BOGI Corner Store Ros will sell you lots of trash & treasure related to gardening, incl organic bags..
BOGI Information Centre Lorrellei does your BOGI membership, plus any information regarding our fair.
BOGI Seeds Helen sells a large range of open pollinated veggie & flower seeds, plus advice.
350.org Providing information on Climate Change and options to prevent it.
4RealMilk Milk
A Unique Garden Pots for plants
Adrian Vos Innovative large plastic pots & worm juice drums
Basilea Potted herbs
Biosecurity Queensland Doing a great job on fire ant eradication, & education info and displays of live ants.
Bunnyconnellen Deli products
Chilli Patch  
Composta Selling worm farm in a garden
Cut Above Tools Selling Quality garden tools. Secateurs, Loppers, Gloves S/Steel hand tools.
Dig For Victory Selling herbs, seedlings and Fruiting Plants
Direct Compost Solutions  
Elizabeth Petersen Selling home-made jams and preserves.
Flora 4 Fauna Sale of plants for fauna
Forbidden Fruit Fruit trees
Gail Green Herbs
Gilda A. Trudu Edible, decorative plants, craft, (bracelets & necklaces), and homemade soap.
Heal Your Gut  
Ian's Bee Stuff Selling jams, soaps, bees wax and honey
ICCS Microbes, Organic fertiliser, organic & pesticide free produce.
John & Christina Linek Selling a great range of recycled garden tools.
Just Geraniums Selling, scented and edible Geraniums, candle holders, seedlings and pottery. .
Julie Wellington Sale of cards, craft bits & pieces, pressed flower pictures, cuttings.
Larsen’s Warm climate bulbs clivia specialists
Madhat Creations Handmade craft
McLeod Agriculture Selling Certified Organic Fertiliser and Fruit & Veggie produce.
Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm Selling a large range of herbs in pots and other gardening goodies.
Petting Zoo  
Phil's Organics Organic fertilisers, comphrey plants, seedlings and worm farms.
Southern Cross Country  
Stan Cajdler Displaying solar & low tech devices. Advice on cooking and garden items.
Top Tropicals  
Van Veen Organics Permaculture plants, fruit trees, veggie plants, bush tucker & native plants.
Wundanook Creations Handmade soaps & body products


BOGI Fair Speakers

9-30       Sarah Hamilton (Beeyourself)                                         Native Bees

10-00     Sofie van Kempen                                                               Heal your gut

10-30     Stan Cajdler                                                                          Solar Cooking

11-00     Opening and Launch of Planting Guide Revised           David McLachlan, Bruce, Penny

11-20     Annette McFarlane                                                               Question and Answer Session

12-00     Shane Gisford (ICCS)                                                         Plant Health?

12-30     Roman Spur                                                                          Gardening in Small spaces

1-00       Vicki Brun                                                                             Direct Compost Solutions

1-30       Wendy Skelton- Just Geraniums)                                    About Geraniums

2-00       Julie Proft (Composta)  0422 391 234                            Combine Garden and composting


2-30       Auction in Hall


Fair Contact Details

Email: bogifair@bogi.org.au (preferred method of contact)



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