2015 BOGI Fair

The 2015 BOGI Fair will be held at the Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road Windsor (near the Albion railway station), on Sunday the 30th of August from 9am to 3pm. It is the 29th Brisbane Organic Growers Fair. This year, the fair has changed from October to August due to other major garden events organised for the month of October.

Check out the 2015 fair flyer, and the stallholders list and map are available below. We hope to see you at the fair!

Information for Members

For those BOGI members who are preparing to grow their entries for the BOGI fair competition, details of the competition including rules and categories are given here:


And a guide for when to plant in order to harvest in time for the fair is given here:


If you can help out with donations of plants or baked items etc, or your time, please refer to the volunteers page.


Stallholders Information for 2015

The 2015 fair is a great chance to spread the word about the benefits of Organic Growing and Organic Living to the wider community. Stallholders' participation in the Fair plays an important part in making this annual event a success.

Please reference the stallholder information page for more information and the application form.

Check out the confirmed stallholders for 2015 along with a map showing stall positions.


BOGI Fair Speakers

10:00       Vegie Pod                                         Simon Holloway

10:30       Self watering ‘Wick’ gardens        George Schmid

11:00       Worm towers                                    Darren James

11:30       Microbes                                            Shane Gishford

12:00       Fair Opening                                    David McLachlan

12:15        Organic Garden Design                  Arno King

1:00         Herbs for a Healthy Garden          Sandra Nanka

1:30         Solar Fruit Dehydration                 Stan Cajdler


Fair Contact Details

Email: bogifair@bogi.org.au



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