2014 BOGI Fair Talk List

The presentation list for the 2014 fair is as follows:

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Time Talk Presenter
9 AM Make your own, Grow your own, Eat your own Darren James
9:30 AM How microbes effect your garden Shane Gishford (ICSS)
10 AM 

The Good Life

Growing organically in your backyard.

Clair Levander


10:30 AM

Growing from Seed

You don’t need lots of money to get started with growing at home. All you need is a $1 packet of seeds from BOGI Seeds, a little knowledge and you’ll be off and growing

Penny Ossowski
11 AM

Delectable Edible Flowers

It’s true...We eat with our eyes before our mouths. So why not make your food look fantastic?
Imagine eating food that looks beautiful- Really beautiful. With petals and flowers from your organic garden.
Linda will introduce you to some of her favourite edible flowers, how to grow them & how they can be used to make your next mouthful gorgeous & delectable.

Linda Brennan


11:30 AM


Sustainable living ideas

Roman Spur



Product Presentations

Dr Grow It All - Terry Stokes

The Compot - Vicky Brun

Theme is Green - Battery Pack Gardening Tools




E. Tucker/ L Cheng

12:30 PM Gardening for Butterflies

Jo Hammond


1 PM

Family/Childrens session

Things you ought to know (some interesting trivia and facts), followed by

Childrens talk on Growing from seed


Aidan Smith

Penny Mack

1:30 PM

Scented Geraniums and how to use them

Presentation covering pests and diseases, growing tips, recipes and craft ideas

Wendy Skelton