2013 BOGI Fair

The 2013 BOGI Fair was held at the Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Road Windsor, on Sunday the 13th of October. BOGI would sincerely like to thank everyone who helped to make the day such a success.

In particular our thanks to Greg James of Farmer's Choice Organics, Lakshmi Kerr of Food Connect and Phil Ryan of Phil's Organics who helped to judge the produce and preserves/ cakes grown and made by BOGI members. Thanks also to the stallholders and members who provided presentations on the day, as well as Linda Brennan of Ecobotanica. Many of our stallholders also generously provided raffle and other prizes, which we gratefully acknowledge. A full listing of stall holders is provided below:

2013 Stallholder Details

Stallholder Name Stall Description
Absolutely Gorgeous Organic skin care
Allan's Cages Chicken tractors / chook houses
Alternative Technology Association Displays, advice, publications on ATA
A-zumble-zay Handmade felt and leather bags, scarves, hats, slippers
Berian Carstairs Seeds, Potted Herbs/Hangers
Biosecurity Queensland Imported Red Fire Ant Information
Black Earth Products Biochar, Soil Improvers, Enzymes
Bob and Sherry Smith Home made jams, pickles and chutneys, sweets
BOGI Books Gardening /Cooking books
BOGI Corner Store Jams, Chutneys, Plants, second hand books and tools
BOGI Seeds Seeds
BOGI Shop Fertilisers and soil improvers
Brisbane LETS Info on local energy trading system & members goods for sale
Butterfly Host Plants Plants to attract butterflies, and related books
Christina & John Linek Recycled garden tools and books
Clear Conscience Soap Company Soap
Darren James Drum gardens (insect & vermin proof)
Dig for Victory Herbs, seedlings, fruiting plants
Edible Landscape Nursery, Northey St Herbs, fertiliser
Fairchilds Fruit Trees Fruit trees
Farmer's Choice Organics Certified organic herb and vegetable seedlings
Food Connect  Local seasonal ecological produce
Forbidden Fruits Nursery  Fruit trees
Forget Me Not Heritage Seeds Open pollinated heritage seed collection
Gail Green & Glenn Tokely Herbs, fruit trees
Grandma's Garden Cottage garden flowers
Ian’s Bee Stuff     Jams, Soap
Marilena Stanton Handmade cards & homegrown/made preserves
McLeod's Agriculture Soil conditioner, pineapples, eggs
Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm Large range of herbs
Nigel Anthony (Nutcracker Man) Nutcrackers and nuts
North Pine Poultry Club Pure breed poultry
Old MacDonald's Farm Animal farm
Phil Vardy Blacksmith, Tool sharpening, repair, manufacture
Phil's Organics Fertilisers, 2nd hand books, comfrey plants
Productive Gardens   Stacking herb gardens
Roll on industries Tank garden beds
Sasakani Kobo Information about cooking with Miso
SoiLife Compost builder, soil builder and water conditioner
Takilberan Creek Organics Certified organic garlic (&some veges)
The Chilli Patch Herbs, spices, handmade timber products
The Rich Pour Organic merlo coffee
The Veggie Patch Hand made organic body care products
Thermomix (Margaret Stratford) Thermomix
Tommy K Heirloom Tomatoes Heirloom tomato seedlings
Trevor & Gavin Lockett Bromeliads
Van Veen Organics Organic edible & australian native plants
Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Qld Inc. Vegan cook books & animal rights books
Watersaver Gardens Above ground water saving gardens
Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery Potted edible bushfood plants